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Personal assistant carer in Aurora practice's fundamental aim is to offer a broad range of primary care services to our patients in a caring and compassionate manner, using the most up-to-date medical technologies and expertise. We are trained as primary care physicians to carefully evaluate patients’ needs and decide the most suitable course of care or treatment in consultation with our patients.

The importance of personal care for the elderly

It is essential to assist our elderly loved ones in developing an excellent personal care routine to preserve their integrity and feelings of self-worth as they age.

When you're uncomfortable with how you look, it can significantly affect how you feel about yourself. We can help the elderly and encourage healthy self-esteem to keep them well-groomed and maintain good personal hygiene.

For an older person, requiring assistance with grooming and personal hygiene may be humiliating, so it's crucial to cultivate feelings of confidence and respect. We all respect our integrity as individuals, so we should be calm, gentle, and relaxed when it comes to personal treatment.

Depending on their overall health and mobility, each person's grooming and personal care requirements will differ. It's crucial to evaluate the level of assistance needed and then address the individual concerned. When addressing something that is usually a private practice, good communication is essential. Ask the individual how they would like to be helped, and then, if it is safe to do so, let them be as self-sufficient as possible.

Here are some helpful hints for helping your elderly loved one:

  • When bathing, make sure the room is warm, and the floor isn't damp or slick.
  • Make sure the water isn't too hot or too cold.
  • Make sure you have soap, a washer, and a towel handy.
  • Be gentle; an older person’s skin is delicate and easily torn or marked.
  • Inquire if your loved one would like their hair washed. They do not like getting their freshly styled hair ruined!
  • To avoid dryness, use a decent moisturizer from head to toe.

We also provide the following services:

Mobility and Walking

Personal care in Aurora understands that daily physical and mental movement will help our clients. As they assist and clients, our caregivers carefully consider the physical disabilities and comfort of their ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of cars, and perform other regular movements.

Redirection: Transfer and Posture

Aurora personal caring services focus on ensuring that each client retains proper posture when dining, sitting, reading, or watching television, in addition to assisting them with daily movement around the home or town. This supports digestion and blood circulation. We will also help clients get into and out of bed and into and out of the bathroom.

Continence and Toilet Care

Our assistant carer in Aurora helpers is qualified and skilled in helping with urinary and intestinal care. We recognize the importance of toileting treatment in a client's overall comfort, self-esteem, and social life.

Meal Preparation and Special Diets

We partner with customers, families, and nutritionists to schedule and prepare meals that meet their individual needs. Shopping for special diets (diabetic, low-sodium, low-trans fat, etc.) and perfecting favorite dishes are examples of this.

Assistance with Eating

Any of our clients can struggle to perform essential functions due to physical or emotional issues. Our care programs and senior care centers provide outstanding compassion, care, and protection for clients with these challenges.

Overall oral health care

Our caregivers will assist our clients with mouth, gum, and denture treatment to promote improved overall oral health.


We appreciate the value of assisting our elderly in looking and feeling their best. Talk to us today to set an appointment! 


Fill out all the required fields to receive a free quote from us.